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Stonesoft released Evader - Free Advanced Evasion Technique Testing software

StoneSoft today released Evader, the first software based testing tool that empowers organizations to test their network security solutions' ability to withstand advanced evasion techniques (AETs), increasingly used in sophisticated cyberattacks.

"Evader is not a hacking tool, and Evader is not a penetration test to see if different exploits can enter your system. Rather, Evader tests if a known exploit can be delivered – using AETs – through your current security devices to a target host."

Evader launches a set of AETs against a tester’s own next generation firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Unified Threat Management (UTM). As a result, organizations can understand whether these AETs pose a threat to their own networks and digital assets.

"Network security vendors have ignored the problem posed by AETs for a number of years," said Andrew Blyth, professor at Glamorgan University and an AET expert. "Stonesoft's free Evader test tool makes securing against AETs accessible for organizations of all sizes. Hopefully, this will encourage the whole network security industry to come together and seriously research AETs and their ongoing threat."

To download Evader for free and learn more about the tool, please visit For more information about advanced evasion techniques and Stonesoft's new Evasion Prevention System (EPS) please visit
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