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Mom Arrested for Hacking School Computers, Changing Kids' Grades

A former secretary for a Lehigh County school district is facing six felony charges for allegedly hacking into her children's school computer to change their grades and read school officials' emails.

Catherine Venusto, 45, from New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, worked as a secretary for the Northwestern Lehigh School District from 2008 through April 2011 and has at least two children in the district, according to the District Attorney's office.

She has been accused of changing her daughter's failing grade from an F to an M for "medical" in June 2010, and then changing her son's 98 to a 99 in February 2012, nearly a year after she quit her job as an administrative office secretary to work at another school district.

According to Lehigh Valley, Venusto allegedly used the superintendent's password 110 times over the course of a year and a half to conduct the mischief.

She was arraigned on Wednesday and released on $30,000 unsecured bail, which she'll only have to pay if she fails to appear in court for her preliminary hearing on July 26.

If she's convicted, Venusto could face a maximum of 42 years in prison or a $90,000 fine, District Attorney's office spokeswoman Debbie Garlicki told ABC News Radio. Garlicki said that the maximum penalty on each count is seven years or a $15,000 fine.
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