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Dutch Authorities take down C&C servers used by Grum Botnet

Dutch Authorities did a great job by taking down two of the command and control(C&C) servers belong to  the world's largest spam botnet ,Grum. This is not complete victory, as there are still two other C&C servers at work, but researchers are optimistic that the volume of spam will drop as a result.

Last week, FireEye published the details on four C&C servers, actively controlling the Grum botnet.Two of the servers were in the Netherlands, one is in Russia and the other in Panama.

Now, Dutch authorities take down the two Secondary C&C servers located in the Netherlands.  The master CnC servers located in Panama and Russia are still alive.

"These two CnC servers were responsible for pumping spam instructions to their zombies. With these two servers offline, the spam template inside Grum's memory will soon time out and the zombies will try to fetch new instructions but will not able to find them," FireEye’s Atif Mushtaq wrote.

“Ideally this should stop these bots from sending more spam. I am sure the absence of the spam sent by the world's third largest spam botnet will have a significant impact on the global volume.”
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