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University sites are being targeted by Team Dig7tal

The hacker group known as 'Team Dig7tal', breaking into University websites and leaked confidential data. They hacked into sites belong to University of Florida,Stanford University,University of Nebraska.

Hacker leaked the part of the database belong to University of Florida.  "These databases have tens of thousands of entries each, so I only dumped a sample of the first DB " Hacker said.

Earlier of this month, University of Florida notified users that database could have been compromised.  The recent hack clearly indicates that site is still vulnerable.

Hackers dumped the data belong to University of Nebraksa - Lincoln in AnonPaste.  "They failed to fix the SQL i vulnerability the first time, so it's a little worse this time. I'm hoping they'll take the time to fix it after this one. Probably not though...Anyway, let's get started." Hacker said.

The data leak contains username ,email address, hashed passwords, and other database details.
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Team Dig7tal