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Security flaw in Kuwait Banking system, found by C0mrade

A Hacker called as c0mrade, has  been trying to raise awareness of the vulnerabilities in the Government sites. He claimed to have found vulnerability in Kuwait’s banking system.

According to the hacker, the software vulnerability affects Commercial Bank of Kuwait(, and other Banking Website associated with Kuwait.

To prove the seriousness of the vulnerability, C0mrade has leaked a database containing the details of around 3,000 customers and transaction logs(Credit card data censored).

"I am not a gutless Terrorist who prays for the Downfall of this Planet and the desire for it to become a Wasteland and all that comes left of it is Billions of bodies piled up onto each other, burnt remains and destroyed buildings. With that being said, I have a sudden thirst for epistemology. Let me elaborate, folks." Hacker said in the pastebin.
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