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New ZitMo Trojan masquerades as Android Security Suit Premium

Android users who are looking for the good Antivirus should beware of this latest threat which masquerades as Android Security suit premium application. Kaspersky recently come across 6 APK files, which functionality is almost the same as in old ZitMo samples.

Zitmo(Acronym of Zeus-in-the-mobile) is mobile component of the Zeus Banking malware. The malware steals incoming SMS and sends them to command-and-control(C&C) servers operated by the attackers.

After further analysis of the new variant, researchers found that the C&C ’re somehow connected to domains that show up in their ZeuS C&C database.

"So, there is new piece of Android malware which steals incoming SMS messages and uploads them to the remote server," Denis Maslennikov, a Kaspersky Lab expert said.

"The newest variant of ZitMo demonstrates the commitment to effective mobile spyware development and distribution that cybercrime has made," Kurt Baumgartner, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab told to ComputerWorld.

As usual, Users are advised to install Android apps from the official Google Play website and should always look at an app's reviews and download statistics to determine if it's trustworthy.
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