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League of Legends Online game website hacked

Hackers breached the official website of Online real-time strategy game League of Legends(from Riot Games). Riot Games issued a security warning in their official site.

According to the statement, the Hackers gained access to certain personal player data contained in certain EU West and EU Nordic & East databases .

"The most critical data accessed included email address, encrypted account password, summoner name, date of birth, and – for a small number of players – first and last name and encrypted security question and answer." The statement reads.

"Absolutely no payment or billing information of any kind was included in the breach"

After further investigation, they determined that more than half of the passwords were simple enough to be at risk of easy cracking. As a security precaution, Riot Games sent an email to all players on these platforms.  The fixed the specific security issue that hacker exploited.
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