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Google's MarkMonitor account hacked by #UGNazi via Social Engineering

The well-known Hacker group UGNazi claimed that they gained access to the Google's MarkMonitor account.  According to their press release, hackers managed to reset the account via social engineering attack. 

"The agent that helped us reset the account should get some what of credit, she helped us alot on reseting Google's MarkMonitor account " hacker said in the press release.

"3 Days ago, We gained access into Google's registrar MarkMonitor, the following picture goes to show how no one is safe" The tweet from hackers account reads.

"i suggest you move to a more secure registrar. but then again, we are Social Engineering Gods." The statement clearly shows the group is strong in social engineering attacks. Earlier of this month, the group hacked the WHMCS via social engineering attack.

"So, this just goes to show, even Google can be Social Engineered. P.S. It was Google's Account Manager, Olga Was, so technically, we did Social Engineer Google. :)."Hacker said.

At the time of writing, there is no official statement made from Google or Mark Monitor about the hack.

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