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Flame and Stuxnet malware unleashed by same Master

The Two infamous malwares Flame and Stuxnet are unleashed by same Master, say Kaspersky Labs, who have discovered an identical piece of code in both worms. What appeared to be two unrelated programs are probably part of the same cyberwar campaign.

Experts spotted the Flame malware last month. Intially They didn’t consider the two pieces of malware related because Stuxnet (and Duqu) were created based on the Tilded platform, while Flame was not.

However, as it turns out, researchers  unearthed some previously unknown facts that completely transform the current view of how Stuxnet was created and its link with Flame.

Even though the two viruses are built on completely different platforms and most likely developed independently, they shared key pieces of code during the development process, the security firm explained.

The finding in question relates to “Resource 207,” a module found in earlier versions of Stuxnet that bears a list of “striking resemblance” to Flame, including “names of mutually exclusive objects, the algorithm used to decrypt strings and similar approaches to file naming.”

"The new findings that reveal how the teams shared the source code of at least one module in the early stages of development prove that the groups co-operated at least once," wrote Aleksandr Gostev, chief security expert for Russian security company Kaspersky Labs.

More details about the analysis can be found here.

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