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"Evil" Hacker sentenced to Two-and-a-half Years

The Australian hacker nicknamed “Evil” was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison, but could be released on parole in 12 months because he pleaded guilty, according to Police.

25-year-old David Noel Cecil,had been arrested almost a year ago for hacking a National Broadband Network-linked service provider, changing and accessing restricted data. He was also accused of cyber-attacking Sydney University’s website, several Melbourne businesses, and companies overseas. Overall, Cecil was charged with 50 counts, but refused to be bailed.

Police ran a six-month investigation dubbed “Operation Damara”, and said the 25-year-old unemployed truck driver wanted to prove himself after failing to get into the IT sector.

“This person acted with an extreme and unusual level of malice and with no regard to the damage caused, indiscriminately targeting both individuals and companies,” National Manager Hi Tech Crime Operations Neil Gaughan said.

Feds said further charges will likely follow and others will also be arrested.
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