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eHarmony Works with Law Enforcement in Password Leak Investigation

After the database leak from eHarmony wesbite, eHarmony released an update statement saying that they are investigating the hack with the help of law enforcement authorities.

“We have also been working with law enforcement authorities in our investigation and have been in touch with one of the other companies affected as well,” eHarmony’s Blog post reads.

Similar to LinkedIn and, eHarmony is also reluctant in providing exact details. However, they’ve taken certain steps to remove the risks posed by the incident.

While they fail to provide the exact number of impacted individuals, they highlight the fact that the “small percentage of affected accounts” have been secured by disabling their passwords.

They sent an email to all affected members and provided them with specific instructions on how to change their password and tips on how to create a robust password. The email also included a direct phone number and live online chat access to our Customer Care team so we could personally address concerns and questions.
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