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Cyber War between Myanmar Hackers and Bangladeshi Cyber Army

A Bangladeshi hackers group known as 'Bangladeshi Cyber Army(BCA)' has declared a cyber-war on Myanmar, accusing the country of killing innocent Muslims and its hackers of breaching Bangladeshi websites.

"This injustice over the Muslims and attack on the Bangladeshi cyber space has forced us to react. In this situation, we feel the necessity of a cyber war, against racists." Hackers posted in their official facebook page.

"Human Rights Commission and other Governments who have the ability to stop all these are sitting idle under this situation. We request them to come forward and stand against injustice."

As part of the Cyber War, The BCA take down the number of Myanmar government sites by DDOS attack. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, Ministry of Co-operatives (, Ministry of Construction (, Ministry of Forestry (, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation ( sites are seems to be down at the time of writing this article.

Hackers also defaced the websites of Myanmar Tour And Travel, the University of Medicine in Mandalay, Myanmar Logistics Co, Client Focus Technology Group, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Royal Hantha Arts of Myanmar Artists, Myanmar Clover Hotel Yangon, and others.

As part of the Cyber-war, Myanmar hackers also started to hack more Bangladeshi sites. More than 30 Bangladeshi government sites were defaced. The sites are Ministry of Education, Department of Relief & Rehabilitation,Ministry Of Industries and others. The full list of hacked sites can be found here.
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