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AVG Family Safety web browser: Keep your family safe online

AVG has launched the iOS and Windows Phone versions of its Family Safety web browser to ensure that adults and their children are protected from online threats such as scams, phishing and potentially dangerous websites.

“With people increasingly using mobile devices to access social networks and browse the web, protecting these devices against online threats has become vital,” JR Smith, the CEO of AVG Technologies.

“Online scams and attacks are on the rise and can occur on any platform with access to the web. AVG aims to protect its users wherever they go. With AVG Family Safety for iOS and Windows Phone, we provide our users the peace of mind that they and their children are protected against online threats on these mobile platforms too.”

One of the best features of AVG Family Safety is the fact that it allows parents not only to monitor their children’s online activities, but also to set up restrictions and set filters across mobile devices and personal computers.
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