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Web-Sorrow v1.3.6 : a remote web scanner

A perl based tool used for checking a Web server for misconfiguration, version detection, enumeration, and server information. I will build more Functionality in the future. what is's NOT: Vulnerably scanner, inspection proxy, DDoS tool, exploitation framework. It's entirely focused on Enumeration and collecting Info on the target server.

CURRENT functionality:

-S - stands for standard. a set of Standard tests and includes: indexing of directories testing, banner grabbing, language detection (should be obvious), robots.txt, and 200 response testing (some servers send a 200 ok for every req)

-auth - looks for login pages with a list of some of the most common login files and dirs and admin consoles. don't need to be very big list of URLs because what else are going to name it? notAlogin.php???

-Cp - scan with a huge list of plugins dirs. the list is a bit old (2010)

-I - searches the responses for interesting strings

-Ws - looks for web services such as hosting provider, blogging services, favicon fingerprinting, and cms version info

-Fd - look for generally things people don't want you to see. The list is generated form a TON of robot.txt so whatever it finds should be interesting.

-Fp - FingerPrint server based on behavior (unrefined as of yet)

-ninja - A light weight and undetectable scan that uses bits and peaces from other scans

-Sd - BruteForce Sub Domains

-Db - BruteForce Directories with the big dirbuster Database

-ua - use a custom UserAgent. PUT UA IN QUOTES if theres spaces

-proxy - send all http reqs via a proxy. example:

-e - run all the scans in the tool

web-sorrow also has false positives checking on most of it's requests (it pretty accurate but not perfect)


basic: perl -host -S

look for login pages: perl -host -auth

CMS intense scan: perl -host -Ws -Cp all -I

most intense scan possible: perl -host -e -ua "I come in peace"

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