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#ProjectGhostShell: Hackers leaked confidential data from Forex Traders

A Hacker group called #TeamGhostShell has started a campaign, ProjectGhostShell. Hackers claimed the operation is to pay back the police, the informants, the snitches, the politicians, the stupid and the corrupt.

"Hello again, did you miss us world governments? We've made you guys a promise a while back, that, as long as hackers from all around the planet are getting arrested, we'll also appear, paying you all back ten-fold. Own us and we own you. Seems fair enough, don't you think?" Hackers said .

The first victim of this campaign is The European Forex Traders( .  Hackers leaked confidential data including username, email address, encrypted password and more information.

" 'Every action has a reaction'. But don't worry, it's not the only project we have to offer. You can expect more of them to pop-up in the near future. Or you can look forward to this one. " Hacker said in the pastebin leak.

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