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#OpGlobo : Brazilian Tv Network and other sites hacked by Anonymous

The Anonymous hackers launched cyber attack against Globo( a Brazilian Tv Network that's considered to be the fourth-largest public TV commercial network in the world) and some other Brazil sites. They hacked sub domains of Globo under the operation called "#OpGlobo" to protest Censorship.

The attack was announced via @Havittaja Twitter account on April 2rd . Following the announcement, hackers take down a number of sub-domains of Globo.

The list of subdomain fall for this attack:,, , and some other sites.

Hackers also DDOSed the, ,,, , , and

"Anonymous Hello everyone, supporters and any other classification that may exist.We began a major operation.Tired of handling the Globe. We will be released # OpGlobo." Hacker said in the official announcement.

"So we have the help of all who are reading this message, or even with disclosure attacks on websites.Making clear the opposition do not want to censor the media." He added.
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