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Filipino hackers retailite by hacking more chinese sites : #cyberwar

The cyber war between hackers from China and the Philippines continues: Filipino hackers take down more chinese websites.

Hackers from "PrivateX" and"Anonymous#OccupyPhilippines" took down more Chinese government sites in retailation for hacking the website of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) .

List of hacked sites:

"We bow down to no enemyHold your line, stand your groundOne by one we'll take you down"The defacement message reads.

"You may continue bullying our country's waters but we will not tolerate you from intimidating our own cyber shores. Those defacements are just a mere response to what you have initially started. We are not trying to start anything. We are just trying to tell you that we do not want to be bullied in our own cyberspace too"
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