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Fake account verification email phishes for Google credentials.

Cybercriminals always strive to steal other people's credentials.these credentials protect the users accounts, hence are highly valuable.

Google ussers are being targeted with emails assumed to be comming from the Google team , confirming fake recorvery email update.

As usual, seeing  the threat of  a permanent account suspension the victim in panic will follow the instruction and link given in the mail.

So, when the user clicks the links given , the destination is a page made to look like Gmail's login page hosted on a compromised domain.

As the victim provides his account information .All this information gets stored into a database, accessed by the attackers.

After getting the victim's username and passwords, these attackers not only missuse the account for spreading this links but also sends emails to the contacts saved , for money.

Having the same username and password for a variety of Google services makes for an extremely user-friendly experience, but it also makes the impact of a compromise of these login credentials much greater.

Google has implemented new feature called 'Two step authentication system' and also a strong password recommended.

Users are advised never to follow links included in unnecessary emails and always access authenticated web pages.
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