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1700+ Indian Sites Hacked By 3xp1r3 Cyber Army

Bangladeshi Underground Hacking Team "3xp1r3 Cyber Army" Hacked 1700+ Indian websites by single click from a Indian Server on 24/04/2012 to Protest against BSF Brutality.

They said on their Defacement page, "This war 'll never end. It's will be continued until BSF (Indian Border Defense Force) stop killing Bangladeshi people on Bangladesh-India Border!"

The hacks were announced on April 24 on a Their official Facebook Group and through a list posted to the programmer website Pastebin ( ) .

The 3xp1r3 Media also said that mass defacement is being completed by using their own mass defacement tools named '3xp1r3 AK 47'. "3xp1r3 AK 47" is a script based most powerful tools invented by 3xp1r3 and we are using many other personal tools like it to continue.

 After Announcing Cyber War between Bangladesh and India, 3xp1r3 Hacked About 10,000+ indian websites. Mirrors can be found here:
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