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Hackers developed Exploit code for RDP vulnerability

Chinese Hackers have released a proof of concept[POC] code that tries to exploit the recently patched windows RDP vulnerability. When Microsoft released the patch for RDP vulnerability, they urged customers to update their product as soon as possible, especially since they were expecting that an exploit would be developed in the next 30 days. But, Hackers took less than three days and released a working POC.

SophosLabs researchers found one Chinese website has exploit code written in Python scripts. The code attempts to exploit the MS12-020 RDP vulnerability and causes Windows computers to blue screen.

Even though the script only cause a blue screen death for now, the hackers wont' take long time to develop the exploit to produce a fast-spreading internet worm.

Also researchers come across a fake exploits for the Microsoft RDP vulnerability that claims to be the Python script of a worm .  "It references a Python module that doesn't exist (FreeRDP), and claims to be written by, an obvious reference to the high profile Anonymous hacker who was recently revealed to have been secretly working for the FBI for months."Researcher said.

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