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Fraudster conned Citibank to get Paul Allen's Debit Card

FBI charged an alleged Army deserter 'Brandon Price' of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
with the  bank fraud in connection to the social engineered hijacking of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's debit card.

According to the Wired report, the suspect made a phone call to Citibank on January, impersonated Allen and request bank to change the address on his account. Later, he called the Customer service department of Citibank and stated that he had misplaced his debit card at his residence ,but didn't want to report it stolen. After Citibank send him a new debit card via UPS.

It just reminds me one of 'White Collar' TV series.

After UPS delivered it, the suspect made a payment $658 to his Armed Forces Bank loan account in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 

He also attempted to perform $15,000 transaction through Western Union and the following day, tried to make a $278 purchase from a Gamestop store in Pittsburgh, the authorities said. Those two transactions did not go through.
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