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Kaspersky solved the mystery of Duqu Framework : written in OO C

Finally, Researchers around the world helped Kaspersky researchers to solve the 'Mystery of Duqu Framework'. Kaspersky researchers announced that the mystery code was written in the 'C' programming language and compiled with MSVC 2008 .

The mystery began earlier this month, when Kaspersky researchers struggled to determine what programming language had been used to develop the Duqu Trojan. Kaspersky researchers asked the programming community for help in finding out the name of the programming language.

The most popular suggestion were Variants of LISP, Forth,Erlang, Google Go,Delphi, OO C, Old compilers for C++ and other languages

With the help of community's response, researcher cracked the code and identified the code as 'C' code compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using the special options “/O1” and “/Ob1”.

Read the full story here.
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