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Chrome Stable v17.0.963.65 addresses 14 High Severity Vulnerabilities

Google released a new version of Chrome, v17.0.963.65 addresses 14 High severity Vulnerabilities including Use-after-free in v8 element wrapper,Use-after-free in SVG value handling,Buffer overflow in the Skia drawing library,Use-after-free in SVG document handling.

Google gave reward to researcher who found vulnerabilities in Chrome;  researcher get reward from $500 to $3000.  Also google reward researcher who found bugs with $10,000.

The full details about the bug and security-flaw can be found in the official Google chrome release blog.

 "We have always reserved the right to arbitrarily reward sustained, extraordinary contributions. In this instance, we’re dropping a surprise bonus. We reserve the right to do so again and reserve the right to do so on a more regular basis! Chrome has a leading reputation for security and it wouldn’t be possible without the aggressive bug hunting of the wider community." wrote in the blog post.

If you are google chrome browser, then download the latest version and stay secure.

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