Chinese Government Websites hacked by Anonymous China

"Anonymous China is born", Anonymous China hacked and defaced more than 400 Chinese websites including few Government sites.

Yesterday, the Anonymous china announced via Twitter(@AnonymousChina) that they had hacked 5 Chinese government websites . Hackers defaced websites as well as leaked database of some sites.

Hacked Government sites:

Hacker message in the defacement page:
Hi all !

Message to Chinese government :

All these years, the Chinese Communist government has subjected its People to unfair laws and unhealthy processes.
Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall.
So expect us because we do not forgive, never. What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you.

With no mercy.

Nothing will stop us, nor your anger nor your weapons.
You do not scare us, because you cannot afraid an idea.

Message to Chinese People :

Each of you suffers from the tyranny of that regime which knows nothing about you. We are with you.
With you here and now. But also tomorrow and the coming days so promising for your freedom. We will never give up.
Don't loose hope, the revolution begins in the heart.

The silence of all other countries highlights the lack of democracy and justice in China. It's unbearable.We must all fight for your freedom.

Hackers also provide a link with tips on how to bypass state censorship and browse safely and Anonymously while online.

Here is the full list of hacked sites:
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