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VeriSign admits it was hacked repeatedly in 2010

Reuters reports that VeriSign Inc, the company in charge of delivering people safely to more than half the world's websites, has been hacked repeatedly during 2010.

VeriSign isn't saying exactly what is missing, they believes that attack was didn't breach the Domain Name System (DNS) servers, which ensures people land at the right IP address when you type the URL such as

The Company’s information security group was aware of the attacks shortly after the time of their occurrence and the group implemented remedial measures designed to mitigate the attacks and to detect and thwart similar additional attacks,” the 10-Q filing reads.

“However, given the nature of such attacks, we cannot assure that our remedial actions will be sufficient to thwart future attacks or prevent the future loss of information. In addition, although the Company is unaware of any situation in which possibly exfiltrated information has been used, we are unable to assure that such information was not or could not be used in the future.”

Symantec Corp bought Verisign’s SSL certificate division in the summer of 2010 for $1.28bn.  Symantec spokeswoman Nicole Kenyon said "there is no indication that the 2010 corporate network security breach mentioned by VeriSign Inc was related to the acquired SSL product production systems."
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