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Security Breach: Mortal online hacked, Star Vault advises users to change passwords

Start Vault,creator of Mortal Online, issued a statement admitting that SV’s security was breached for a short period of time on Feb 19.  A member of the game support team noticed the incident and Star Vault immediately .

SV representatives said this breach has now been closed and additional security is in place. Users' private payment information was not breached.

"While we continue to gather evidence and look to our formal response to the individuals involved, it is important at this time that everyone to please check that their password is working as normal. If not please contact a member of the support team through a support ticket or on IRC." said in the notification.

Mortal Online users are advised to change their passwords; SV suggests users to create a strong password ,mix of numbers letters and upper/ lowercase caps eg: D1FfIculTPA55.

"We are continuing to work through the logs and have completed many of the necessary repairs and restorations of assets but if you could please have patience as some of these are complex and time consuming." stated in the official forum.
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