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Now Upgrade to Backtrack 5 R2 ~ BT5 R2 will be Released On March

The long awaited release of the BackTrack 5 R2 kernel has arrived, and it’s now available in Backtrack repositories. With a spanking brand new 3.2.6 kernel, a huge array of new and updated tools and security fixes, BT5 R2 will provide a more stable and complete penetration testing environment than ever before.

Backtrack will start a series of blog posts on how to upgrade, deal with VMWare, and even build your own updated BT5 R2 by yourself. Backtrack explained how to upgrade to BT5 R2 here

"March 1st! The BackTrack 5 R2 ISOS will we available for download from our site on March 1st via Torrent only. HTTP links will be added a few days later." promised in the Backtrack-linux.
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