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Hezbollah Cyber Army hacked into Former Iranian President websites

A Hacker group called as Hezbollah Cyber Army break into the websites belong to Association of Combatant Clerics( a reformist organization under the leadership of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami) and the Baran Foundation( another organization linked to Khatami).

Hackers modified both websites such that visitors redirected to the webstie of Hezbollah Cyber Army. Hackers warns that it will not allow people to damage Iran’s Islamic values by spreading “childish” ideas online.

Iran’s Cyber Army has been named in 2009 among the most powerful cyber forces in the world and they’ve been highly active in the country’s political matters, especially when they felt that the Islamic Republic’s enemies were planning to harm the integrity of their belief system.

“Iranian security and military forces treat the cyber-presence of opposition groups as a direct threat to the Islamic Republic regime,” Radio Zamaneh wrote.
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