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Call for Paper - DEF CON Rajasthan March 2012 Meet

DEFCON Rajasthan invites unique and fresh research papers for March 2012 Jaipur Meet.

Defcon Rajasthan (DC91141) is a Defcon Registered group of people interested in exploring technology and it implications in security. It mostly consists of information assurance professionals and enthusiasts.

The main purpose of this group is to organize technical talks and hands on experience on topics of interest. While seasoned speakers will be invited to present for the initial several presentations. Our intention is to have local people with less experience present as well. This will allow younger professionals and researchers to get used to preparing a technical presentation and sharing it with an audience.

Paper shold be..
-> Paper should be of current subject and not more than 1 year old.
-> Papers can be on your own research with proof of concept.
-> Topics of interest includes everything related to Security.
-> Topics related to mobile security or any mobile operating system.
-> Any new methods of hacking or any 0day/tool disclosure.

Some of Example Topics are :-
  •  Wireless Security
  • Network Security
  •  Web Application Vulnerability
  •  Mobile Security
  • Cloud Computing
  •  Computer Forensics
  •  Cyber Laws
  •  Buffer Overflow
  • Reverse Engineering
  •  Exploits and 0day Vulnerability etc etc

** The above are just sample, the Paper can be of any topic related to security.

Your submission must contain the following information.
Please send your paper to

1. Author name
2. Title of the Paper
3. Email Address
4. Mobile Number
5. Provide Supporting Materials for your paper in form of PDF or Links
6. Presentation Format must be in PDF for submission.

PS: Presentation should not exceed more than 20 minutes

Further Information on Dates:
Paper submission last date : 10 March 2012
Notification of paper Acceptance : 12 March 2012
Paper Presentation : 25 March 2012
Please send your paper to
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