Search This Blog taken down by Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers(BBHH)

We are not sure whether it is fourth or fifth time, India's No. 1 Telecommunications Services Provider , BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) website has been targeted by Hackers. 

In past Pakistani hackers defaced the main page of BSNL website , also leaked customers details in public. Now Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers attacked the BSNL website with Distributed denial of service attack(DDOS).

The media report says, the website is not available for few days.  Today, When we try to load the site , it took long time and finally says 'the webpage is not available' ,which may suggest that officials take the site offline for patching the vulnerability.

Bangladeshi Hackers take down lot of Indian website in ongoing cyberwar against India including Indian stock Market ,NDTV and some other high profile sites.
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