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Anonymous take down Interpol website in retaliation for 25 arrests

Supporters of the Anonymous Hackers group take down the official webstie of Interpol  , after  international police group announced it had arrested 25 suspected anonymous members.

The website was unreachable at the time of writing.  This could have been the result of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by Anonymous . Twitter accounts belong to anonymous hackers tweet "TANGO DOWN"
The attacks came as Interpol announced the arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous hackers across globe. The arrests were part of Operation Unmask, during which police in Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Spain seized computers, mobile phones, credit cards and cash at 40 locations in 15 cities. 

In a separate incident, police in Spain arrested four other suspected supporters of Anonymous, accused of taking websites offline and leaking sensitive data.
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