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Anonymous Hackers leaked FBI hacking investigation conference call

Online Hactivist group Anonymous hackers leaked the 16 minute long mp3 recording of a confidential conference call between FBI and UK Law enforcement officers .

Anonymous shared the conversation on several sites including Twitter, Youtube  and was accompanied by a pastebin post ,discusses ongoing investigations into hackers associated with Anonymous, AntiSec and LulzSec.

Hackers get access to the email entitled "Anon-Lulz International Coordination Call" sent by FBI Special Agent to over 40 law enforcement agents in the US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and France.

"A conference call is planned for next Tuesday (January 17, 2012) to discuss the on-going investigations related to Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec, and other associated splinter groups. The conference call was  moved to Tuesday due to a US holiday on Monday. " The email reads.

"The information was intended for law enforcement officers only and was illegally obtained. A criminal investigation is under way to identify and hold accountable those responsible."The FBI said in a statement .
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