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Anonymous Hackers developed Web LOIC DDOS Tool for Android

Anonymous Hackers developed a new version of The Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), an infamous DDOS tool which is used to take down websites by sending large number of malicious request to server.

The same tool has been ported to JavaScript to perform a DoS directly from a browser. The existence of Web LOIC, along with anonymous web hosting services such as pastehtml, has made it possible for any user on the Internet to participate in those attacks with just one click.

The web LOIC for Android is not something that was developed from scratch, instead they used free online service that create Android application with just URL, HTML code or Document. This tool is developed to aid hackers in OpArgentina.

This tool sends 1,000 HTTP requests with the message "We are LEGION!" as one of the parameters.e LEGION.”

The tool is available here.

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