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10 Pornography websites of USA hacked by ZCompany Hacking Crew(ZHC)

A Pakistan Hacker group ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) hacked Ten Pornography websites and left a message to To. Mr Chief Justice Of Pakistan.

List of Hacked sites:

"Sir, we request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. You have authority... Your simple statement can prohibit Pakistani Youth to reach such sites... PTA is lame... Many complaint them to ban such sites... but they don't... Few days back we saw on news paper that PTA treated the orders of Supreme Court by asking the applicant to give list of such websites... That's bad... " Hacker said in the Defacement page.

"They can ban sites... They have authority as well as technology... If they still can't than what they are paid for...? We are requesting CJ to issue orders to ban porn sites. Or we will be forced to attack PTA... We won't wait longer... Consider it a threat or request... We want Porn sites banned... "

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