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Saudi Hackers leaked Thousands of Israeli Credit card numbers

Hackers Group named as "Saudi" targets Israel based servers the leaked thousands of Iraeli Credit Card Numbers ,Hackers break into 'ONE' website and post link to dump. Bank of Israel recommends customers check accounts to identify potential fraud; card companies reassure costumers victims will be compensated.

The group targeted three credit card companies: Isracard, Leumi Card and Cal.
The Member of this Hacker Group, Group-XP, said he revealed information of 15,000 Israeli including credit card details, personal addresses, names, phone numbers and ID numbers of individuals listed on the website,

People who visited One’s website on Monday were redirected to a page on, where a message by a hacker who identified himself as xOmar 0 suggested visitors download a linked file containing a database of Israelis and their personal information.

Hackers Said :
What’s fun for us?
- Watching 400,000 people gathered in front of Israeli credit card companies and banks, complaining about cards and that they are stolen
- Watching Israeli banks shredding 400,000 credit cards and re-generate new cards (so costly, huh?)
- Watching people purchasing stuff for theirself using the cards and making Israeli credit cards untrustable in the world, like Nigerian credit cards
- and much more

Approximately 6,600 of the cards belonged to Isracard company customers. The credit card company advised that customers whose information was exposed would be notified and have their Internet capabilities frozen.

Leumi Card reported that 4,000 of its customers' credit card details were posted. The company has restricted the affected cards' Internet capabilities and was set to contact cardholders on Tuesday.

Both companies said that victims of identity theft would be compensated.

Visa CAL announced that it would suspend all accounts that were listed in the post, contact the affected customers Tuesday and issue new credit cards.

According to Army Radio, the hackers encouraged readers to use the information posted online to make purchases, and said they would continue to publish more account information already in their possession.

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