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Microsoft identifies a new operator of Kelihos botnet

After Four months of investigation into Kelihos botnet, Microsoft identified a new defendant who allegedly responsible for the operations of the Kelihos botnet.

Andrey Sabelnikov(software engineer and project manager at a company that provided firewall, antivirus and security software), resident of St Petersburg, Russia,  has been named in an amended complaint filed with U.S. District Court by Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit.

According to the complaint, Sabelnikov allegedly registered ,723 "" website subdomains, and misused those subdomains to control the Botnet.

According to Sabelnikov public LinkedIn profile, from 2005 to 2007 he was an employee of  Agnitum , a Russian security firm well-known for its firewall software.

Micorsoft shut down the Kelihos botnet with their partners Kyrus Tech Inc., Kaspersky Labs in september. At that time,Kelihos compromised about 41,000 infected computers worldwide,capable of sending up to 3.8 billion spam mails per day. Even Though they take down the kelihos botnet, still computers are infected with those malwares,use microsoft security tools to scan your system.
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