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McDonald’s Gift Card Spam on Twitter redirects to adult dating site

TrendMicro have spotted a Twitter spam touting “gift cards” at the tail-end of the gift-giving season. These tweets has shortened URL with the strings "#mcdonalds gift card."

McDonald’s is a globally well-known fast food chain that, like many other establishments, do offer certificates and vouchers for patrons who would like to give these as gifts or rewards.

Unfortunately, This is not gift card from McDonald , it is one of Twitter Scam that lands you in Adult Dating site.

TrendMicro consider the URLs used in this attack as malicious because of the deceitful nature by which they are used. The lure “#mcdonald’s gift card” would have definitely led several users to believe that some gift certificates or vouchers are being given away or discounted.

A couple of weeks ago of weeks ago in the US, attention was drawn to a Mystery Santa who donated $500 worth of gift cards from McDonald’s to a nearby homeless shelter. Whether or not cybercriminals got a social engineering idea from this cannot be confirmed, but in all cases users are advised against clicking on links without first inspecting them. In this case, hovering on the link would have given users a clue about how to proceed.
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