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Laura Frisian: the most beautiful a** in the world! : Facebook Clicjacking Attack

David Jacoby @ Kaspersky Lab have spotted a Facebook Scam Video ,The video was of a girl with a nice butt and it had the title "Laura Frisian: the most beautiful a** in the world!"

If you follow the link in the video, it will end up in a splash page ,on this page you will be exposed to a clickjacking/likejacking attempt. This means that if you try to watch the video, or any other video on the page it will automatically post things on your Facebook wall. This require that you are logged in to Facebook or have been logged in and your cookie is still active. There are two different splash pages; 1. if you are loggedin to Facebook, it will ask you to share. 2. If you are not, it will show simple video.

The full landing page has different types of scam videos. Few examples are:
  • If you like Nutella, never look this video!!!
  • Drill a tooth abscess! Disgusting :s
  • Compilation of Embarrassing and Busted! Photos, Awesome :D
  • Transgender 10-Year-Old, Boy Happier As A Girl !
  • A Really Giant Baby ! Amazing it looks so real :D
  • Air Race Plane Crashed in the crowd during a show !
  • The worst thing that can happen to a girl!
  • A fisherman catches a couple when they make ... :D

It seems that the purpose of this scam is to expose you to ads, and also automatically get you to like certain ads. This will generate both traffic and money for the guys behind this.

if you see these kind of scams in Facebook, report it as spam, this will allow the Facebook Security Team to deal with this much faster.
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