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Kelihos botnet suspect "Andrey Sabelnikov" proclaims innocence

 Andrey Sabelnikov, a Russian man who accused by Microsoft of being behind the Kelihos botnet attacks said on Friday he is innocent. 

Few days back, Microsoft said The 31-year-old software engineer  resident of St Petersburg    created the Kelihos botnet and used the malware to control control, operate, maintain and grow the Kelihos botnet.

"I did not commit this crime, has never participated in the management of botnets and any other similar programs, and especially not extracted from it any benefit." said Sabelnikov in livejournal post.

Microsoft said it stood by the accusation it made earlier this month.

"As this is a case pending in court, we cannot comment further except to say that we look forward to seeing Mr Sabelnikov in court so we can continue this discussion," said Richard Boscovich, senior attorney for Microsoft's Digital Crime Unit.

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