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Twitter released Android SMS Encryption Tool "TextSecure"

Twitter has released a tool "TextSecure " to encrypt the messages in Android mobiles before sending.

"We're excited to announce the open source release of TextSecure, our secure text messaging client for Android, which Twitter acquired when we joined their team last month.

We've always been interested in the ability for individuals and organizations to communicate freely and securely." Whisper Systems's development team.

TextSecure is a replacement for the standard text messaging application, allowing you to send and receive text messages as normal. Additionally, TextSecure provides:
  1. Local Encryption -- All text messages, regardless of destination, that are sent or received with TextSecure are stored in an encrypted database on your phone.
  2. Wire Encryption -- When communicating with a recipient who is also using TextSecure, text messages are encrypted during transmission.
It is open source software so everyone can contribute to the development.   Those interested in the source can find it over on GitHub. There is also a mailing list for those who have questions, suggestions, or wish to get involved.

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