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Indian Hackers hacked Pakistan's largest ISP "Brain Soft of Brain Net"

As part of cyber war, Indina Hackers group "Indishell" hacked the Pakistan's largest ISP(Internet Service Provider)  "Brain Soft of Brain Net" .
Brain NET is pioneer in Internet Service industry in Pakistan and considered to be largest Internet service provider with greater geographical coverage and vast range of internet solutions for consumer and corporate sector.

They also hacked Famous Pakistan New and high alexa rank sites:

Defacement Message:

"====== H4ck3d by IRFn1nj4 & Ashell ======
>>>>hey porkis we make ur life a living hell..
shadoow8 and Ghantastic u r the biggest loosers i eva saw in ma life.
so u both r alwaz against peace deal ryt??u want cyber war?
u dickhead shadoow very soon u will be exposed to the world..pack ur little circus and leave looser!!!
u people create fake sites and say u defaced?? ahahha
show that fucking trick to ur fucking friends u looser
nxt time come prepared if u wana fight with us..
remember we r TEAM ICA-INDISHELL
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