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Findout who Unfollowed you : a New Scam hits Twitter users

Twitter users hit by a New Scam that use traditional method. TrendMicro find and blocked this scam already.

The Scam tweet:
"32 ppl unfollowed me.want to find out who unfollowed you? Find out here"
This scam asks you to click the link in the tweet. If you click the link, it will bring you to the a page that claims as “Followers Monitor”. This page asks you to authorize application to use the Twitter. If you give access to twitter, the scammers start to spread the spam with your twitter account.

The choice of hashtags used by this attack was harvested from the trending topics seen overnight. Some were related to the Monday Night Football game which was airing (and trending) at the time this attack took place, while others were more random, as can be seen above.

Security Tips:
  • Never Click the link , if you got these type of tweets.
  • If you do inadvertently click links like this, you can undo some of the damage by removing the app’s authorization to access your Twitter account. This can be found under the Applications tab of your settings.
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