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Android Malware masquerades as AntiVirus & sends SMS to Premium rate numbers

Malware Application

What you will do ? , if you got these kind of message in your mobile : "Your Android mobile is infected by virus.  Install this antivirus and activate security system".  Will you ignore or follow the link and install the antivirus?

Kaspersky Researchers have spotted a android malware application that masquerade as Antivirus.  When researchers search for some popular applications in smartphone via Opera mini, they found that search results leads to scammer sites . The scam sites claim that the user’s device might be infected and that somebody has access to personal data and then will ask the user to check his or her device for malware. If the user clicks on the button, the web page will result some fake report that claims "Your mobile is infected" and ask you to activated the Security system.

If a user click the link , it will download and install "VirusScanner.apk file which is actually malicious and detected by us as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Scavir. if you have non-Android mobile, it will download "VirusScanner.jar" a file which is detected by us as Trojan-SMS.J2ME.Agent.ij.

After the installation, an application named ‘Установщик’ (‘Installer’) with the Kaspersky icon appears in the menu.

When the application executes , the user is asked to press the ‘Continue’ button if he wants to launch VirusScanner with some options like ‘Turn on multi-level protection’, ‘Disable remote control of a device’ or ‘Turn on web site scanning’. But in fact after pressing ‘Continue’ this app will send SMS messages to expensive premium rate numbers.
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