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TimThumb vulnerability in Wordpress leads to malware infection

Last month, Thousands of Wordpress  sites infected by malware , discovered by Armorize. Avast Researchers investigate this hack and conclude that Blackhole exploit kit made by Russian Developers and available for $1500 in black market.

The Vulnerability in non-updated TimThumb allows attackers to upload and execute arbitrary PHP code in the TimThumb cache directory which will download other malicious files. But this is not the only way for example they use stolen passwords to direct FTP changes.

In your FTP, alongside other site files, a new file will appear that looks like this: ./wp-content/w3tc/min/a12ed303.925433.js or ./wp-includes/js/l10n.js

These scripts redirects to a new site where the Black Hole exploit kit is located. The victim is then served a JAR file, that will deploy other malicious downloads to the infected system.


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