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sqlsus 0.7 released with Time-based Blind SQL injection support

Sqlsus is an open source MySQL injection and takeover tool, written in perl. It is used to test the vulnerability of web application. It uses stacked subqueries and an powerful blind injection algorithm to maximise the data gathered per web server hit.Using multithreading on top of that, sqlsus is an extremely fast database dumper, be it for inband or blind injection.

Sqlsus now supports time-based blind injection and automatically detects web server / suhosin / etc.. lentgh restrictions.

The official Change Log:
  • Added time-based blind injection support (added option "blind_sleep", and renamed "string_to_match" to "blind_string").
  • It is now possible to force sqlsus to exit when it's hanging (i.e.: retrieving data), by hitting Ctrl-C more than twice.
  • Rewrite of "autoconf max_sendable", so that sqlsus will properly detect which length restriction applies (WEB server / layer above). (removed option "max_sendable", added options "max_url_length" and "max_inj_length")
  • Uploading a file now sends it into chunks under the length restriction.
  • sqlsus now saves variables after each command, so that forcing it to quit (or killing it) will not discard the changes that were made.
  • Added a progress bar to inband mode, sqlsus now determines the number of rows to be returned prior to fetching them.
  • get db (tables/columns) in inband mode now uses multithreading (like everything else).
  • clone now uses count(*) if available (set by "get count" / "get db"), instead of using fetch-ahead.
  • In blind mode, "start" will now test if things work the way they should, by injecting 2 queries : one true and one false.
  • sqlsus now prints what configuration options are overriden (when a saved value differs from the configuration file).
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some misuse of the object returned by LWP UserAgent that could trigger a perl error.
  • Fixed a useless memory consumption in the IPC that could trigger an "out of memory" error (since 0.5RC1).
  • Removed a false error display in backdoor sql mode when using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, etc..
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