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North Korean hacked Email Accounts of Information Security School Students

Hackers breack into Information Security School server and compromised email accounts of alumni.  The National Intelligence Service investigated that North Korea was behind this hacking attack.  According to the report, They hacked e-mail accounts of 27 students of Korea University's Graduate School of Information Security.

"Analysis of the malware used to hack into the e-mail accounts confirmed that it is identical to malicious codes spread by North Korea," an NIS official said Wednesday. "We have tentatively concluded that North Korean hackers were behind the attack and are tracking the source."

The hackers send spam mail with malwares to alumni via the Korea University Center for Information Security Technologies. The investigation revealed that all of those who received it graduated in the same year. It appears that the hackers obtained the directory with all their email addresses and planted the malicious code.

The reason North Korea tried to hack into the e-mail accounts is because most of the school's graduates get jobs either at the Defense Ministry, NIS or other government security agency, intelligence officials believe.
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