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Hackers shut Down the entire Internet and Phone service in Palestine

Hackers Attacked the  Palestinians main servers and shut down the Internet and Phone service,says  Mashour Abou Daqqa (Palestinian Telecoms minister) on Tuesday.  He alleged foreign govt behind this attack.

The attack affected Internet service across the West Bank and Gaza.The minister said hackers are using international IP servers that indicates location as Germany, China, and Slovenia . 

"Since this morning all Palestinian IP addresses have come under attack from places across the world," Mashur Abu Daqqa told AFP on Tuesday afternoon.
"The sites have been attacked in an organised using mirror servers.

"I think from the manner of the attack and its intensity that there is a state behind it, and it is not spontaneous."

"Israel could be involved as it announced yesterday that it was considering the kind of sanctions it would impose on us," he added.

The incident came a day after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted to admit Palestine as a full member of the group, a move that angered Israel.

Hackers have also shut down the Internet in the Palestinian territories before. In 2002, Wired reported that the Israeli army took over the offices of the leading Palestinian Internet service provider, Palnet, and shut down its operations. Services went back up after 24 hours.After then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak shut down the Internet and cellphones to quell unrest early this year, he was required, along with two of his aides, to pay $90 million in fines for damaging the country’s economy.
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