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Duqu is an upgraded version of Stars, Spyware that infected Iran

One of Best Antivirus firm ,Kaspersky enabled protection against the infamous Duqu worm.  Now it detects all version of Duqu.  Kaspersky's Developers Successfully updated the kaspersky to detect Trojan.Win32.Duqu and all other Trojans that exploit the CVE-2011-3402 vulnerability.

Recently, the Duqu Trojan became infamous that successfully exploit the Zero-Day Vulnerability. You can get more information about the malware here.

Following that, Organization start to give protection against the Duqu Trojan. NSS Labs released Anti-Duqu tool.

Also Microsoft issued a temporary fix for this vulnerability.

Duqu is Upgraded Version of "Stars" Malware in Iran:
The Research at Kaspersk's Lab unveils additional information about the Duqu worm.  As the result of their investigation, Duqu is first spotted as "Stars" Malware(a malware created to spy on Iran's nuclear system). 

April 2011(this year), Iran announced that they were under cyber attack with Malware named as "Stars" . Kaspersk researchers confirmed that some of the targets of Duqu were hit on April 21, using the same method involving CVE-2011-3402, a kernel level exploit in win32k.sys via embedded True Type Font (TTF) file.

According to analysis by IrCERT (Iran's Computer Emergency Response Team) Duqu is an upgraded version of "Stars".

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