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Anonymous Hackers launched DDOS attack on El Salvadoran sites

Anonymous Hackers launched DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) attack against El Salvadoran sites.  El Salvador's president and other government websites went offline as the result of DDOS attack.  The attacks are part of "Operation Justice El Salvador", which was planned over the last two weeks.

The group's "Operation Justice El Salvador" has "tried to attack our website to publicize the private information of internal and external users," the economy ministry said in a statement on the hours-long attack on Saturday.

Presidential spokesman David Rivas told reporters that Anonymous threatened several government websites two weeks ago, including that of the presidency, which on Saturday received at least 30 million hits, saturating the system.

They took their website offline in order to stop the cyber attack, Rivas said.   

The hackers also attacked website of legislative assembly, the National Civil Police and the ministries of justice and labor. 

The move is a drastic one, similar to that taken by Adidas, which has also suffered what it called a sophisticated, criminal cyber attack that forced the company to take down multiple sites".Says sophos.

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