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Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 BETA Version Released

Acuentix is best Web application vulnerability Scanner.  Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 BETA Version Released.  Version 8 of Web Vulnerability Scanner has been optimized to make life easier at every stage of a security scan.

WVS is easier to use for web admins and security analysts alike: enhanced automation, ability to save scan settings as a template to avoid reconfiguration, and multiple instance support for simultaneous scans of several websites. WVS 8 also ushers in a new exciting co-operation between Acunetix and Imperva: developers of the industry’s leading Web Application Firewall

Features of WVS 8:
  • Manipulation of inputs from URLs
  • Automatic IIS 7 rewrite rule interpretation
  • Support for custom HTTP headers
  • Imperva Web Application Firewall integration
  • New vulnerability class: HTTP Parameter Pollution
  • Multiple instance support
  • Redesigned Scheduler
  • Automatic custom 404 error page recognition and detection
  • Scan settings templates
  • Simplified Scan Wizard
  • Smart memory management
  • Real-time Crawler status
  • Scan termination status included in report
  • Web application coverage report
  • Log file retention

Improved web security check scripts
  • All security check scripts have been optimized to reduce false positives even further
  • The scanner checks for the latest variants of vulnerability classes like XSS, SQL injection, and more.
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